Fun Wine Photography

February 25, 2021

Client Photo Shoot: Fun Wines

Fun Wine Photography

One of my favorite things lately is sharing my best tips on DIY styling hacks — as well as giving you some behind-the-scenes content on some of my favorite photoshoots. 

That’s why, when a TikTok about a sticky tack photo hack got a lot of love, I thought it would be neat to dive into the details of the client photoshoot!

The client: FUN WINE®

Meet FUN WINE, a wine brand inspired by the art deco culture and vibe of Miami. Every FUN WINE bottle is influenced by music, fashion, and art. I mean, look at their amazing labels! Each wine bottle pops with color and movement and life.

Fun Wine Photography

Clearly, this is a wine brand that’s right up my alley! They break out of that traditional stuffy wine mentality and make it exciting and fresh. 

When FUN WINE reached out to me to create a series of photos of their products, I couldn’t wait to get started.

My goal for their photos

The first thing you notice when you look at a bottle of FUN WINE is, obviously, that gorgeous artwork! That’s why my main goal for their photoshoot was to showcase their beautiful labels. 

Fun Wine Photography

I wanted to style their bottles in a simple and clean, yet on-brand way. I did not want to take away from that artwork in any way, because I knew it should be the main focus of every shot. 

To do that, I came up with an idea for “flavor profile” photos that showcased the ingredients in each wine. I also shot a few product shots that made the artwork on the bottles the star of the show.

Shooting “flavor profiles”

Let’s take a look at some of the flavor profile shots I styled.

Fun Wine Photography

FUN WINE Coconut Chardonnay is described as smooth, with “the exotic flavors of coconut and unexpected hints of pineapple.” To add some motion, texture, and something unexpected, I decided to pair a milk splash with a fresh coconut next to the product! 

Fun Wine Photography

For FUN WINE Sangria, I wanted to include your typical sangria ingredients set up next to their beautiful bottle. A wooden block (one of my favorite props) made sure the Sangria bottle was the center of attention. If this shot doesn’t make you thirsty or crave fresh fruit, then I don’t believe you. 

Fun Wine Photography

FUN WINE Strawberry Rosé Moscato is another popular flavor of theirs. Described as refreshing and crisp, I thought a simple background of bright red strawberries would reflect that flavor perfectly! 

Getting creative with other backgrounds

Not all of the FUN WINE shots involved delicious fresh fruit. I got to play around with other kinds of backgrounds to showcase their products.

Fun Wine Photography

What you’re seeing in this photo is fake ice! I used a few varieties and you can check out how I made it in this TikTok. I love how this clear DIY ice makes every bottle’s bright artwork pop.

Fun Wine Photography

Here’s another one for the FUN WINE Sangria! For this photo, I put together some paper party fans that brought out the blue in the artwork. The fans also look like the fan the dancer is holding.

Fun Wine Photography

Coffee, anyone? The FUN WINE Cafe Graffiti Collection is a fan favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. A Cappuccino Chardonnay? An Espresso Cabernet? YUM.

For this shot, I really wanted to let the design of every bottle shine! I kept the background simple with complementary colors of orange and yellow, then added orange wooden blocks for height and visual interest.

Like what you see?!

Fun Wine Photography

I loved flexing my creative skills for the FUN WINE shoot! Shoots like this help me grow and improve as a stylist and photographer. And I love working with  brands who know how to have fun with their products.

If you’re looking for a stylist and/or photographer for your next project, let’s talk! Contact me online and let me know what you’re looking for. I’ll get back to you with more information about my services and pricing ASAP!


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