How to Make a 2021 Vision Board

December 23, 2020

What do you want to see happen in 2021?

A boost in clients? Higher revenue? A fresh new website for your biz? Or maybe you have some non-business goals, like prioritizing self-care, becoming a better cook, or simply being kind to others. (And yourself!)

Whatever your goals are for this new year, a vision board can inspire you and help you track your progress! Just like it sounds, a vision board is made up of text and images that represent your goals. 

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Plus, you’ve probably heard boss ladies like Oprah and Reese Witherspoon talking about how vision boards have helped them before.

So, are you ready to get motivated and feel confident about achieving your goals? Put together this easy vision board for 2021!

What you’ll need

🌈 Magazines

🌈 Printer

🌈 Scissors

🌈 Glue, tape, or thumbtacks

🌈 Corkboard or dry erase board

Put it together

Print or cut out visuals that inspire you

Look through any old issues of magazines and cut out any photos or quotes that inspire you. Or, print out images you’ve pinned on Pinterest or saved to a collection on Instagram. You can even bust out old greeting cards, souvenirs, or trinkets!

Anything can go on your vision board: a gorgeous outfit, a beautifully decorated living room, even a pretty color or a single word. Pick images that make you feel the way you want to feel. There are no rules here.

Try not to overthink the visuals you choose. If you flip through a magazine and a photo of a beach makes you feel more relaxed (and that’s one of your goals for the year) then clip it and save it!

Arrange your visuals

Once you have a good collection of images, arrange them on a corkboard or dry erase board in a way that you like. Remember, your board should inspire you. 

You might overlap all your clippings and photos so that every inch of the board is covered. Or, you might organize everything in neat rows and columns, even giving every visual its own little border of space. It’s up to you.

After you’ve arranged everything the way you want it, use glue, tape, or thumbtacks to stick your visuals to your board.

Bonus tip: To create an extra stylish vision board, pick a color scheme and stick with it! I went with a rainbow theme of course, but you could choose neutrals for a soothing vision board, or one bold color to make you feel confident and powerful! 

Hang it where you can see it

Your vision board will only work if you can see it. Hang your board next to your computer monitor, or prop it up on a nearby bookshelf in your office. Lean it against the wall next to your television or on an end table in your living room.

Change it up when needed

The cool thing about a vision board is that you can change it whenever you feel the time is right. Your goals change because you as a person change. Don’t be afraid to take down visuals, add more, or start over completely if you want!

Let’s see your vision board!

How did your vision board go? Share your board on Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok and tag @lishcreative or @alishylishy so I can see it! 

Don’t forget to follow me on social for more biz tips and behind-the-scenes content, too! 


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