My Best Tip for Creating Condensation in Food Photography

December 15, 2020

What makes a photo of a beverage look really mouthwatering? A great photo can make a drink look icy cold and refreshing. And it can make you extremely thirsty just by looking at it!


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Lighting, composition, and editing are important for sure. But here’s a little trick that I like to use to make beverages extra thirst-quenching and food look extra appetizing… 

Fake condensation. And it’s super easy to do on your own! Check out my tips below.

What you’ll need

All you need to create condensation are a couple of things you can easily find online for under ten bucks!

👉 Vegetable glycerin

👉 Fine mist spray bottles

👉 Water

How it works

If you’ve ever tried using plain old water as condensation in your food photography shots, you’ve probably noticed that water droplets slide out of place.

That’s why I like to use a 1:1 solution of glycerin and water. Combining the two helps water stick to a surface. When you spray the solution onto the glass bottle of a wine cooler or an aluminum can of soda, the “condensation” will really stick. See these great examples?


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How to create condensation

I like using the specific spray bottles I linked above because they create the perfect fine mist. I’ve tried lots of different spray bottles and I definitely recommend the smaller, fine mist ones!

So, once you have your glycerin and spray bottles, create a solution of 50% water and 50% glycerin. Pour it into your spray bottle and voilà, you’re ready to spray.

When spraying your food or beverage subject, pay attention to where you’re spraying. Condensation occurs naturally where the cold liquid meets a glass bottle, for example. That’s why I didn’t spray too far above the fill line in this shot. If I did, it would look too fake!


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Remember, you can also use this trick on food. A crisp piece of lettuce on a burger, greens and veggies in a salad, or fresh fruit will all look even more enticing with a dash of condensation!

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