How a Video Goes Viral: Breaking Down My Recent Viral Video!

July 20, 2021

Viral videos are all over the internet. But what makes a video go viral? What is it that makes one video so popular? For instance, I have three TikTok videos showcasing fake ice, and each video is hovering around 1 million views each. I even have one TikTok video featuring a DIY tutorial on fake ice that has approximately 3.3 million views. Wild, right?!

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Wondering how video goes viral — especially over something like DIY ice?! Here are a few strategies that I have found that have worked for me.

#1 They’re relatable.

Ice is pretty relatable to everyone. Want a cold drink at home? Add ice. Homemade smoothie? Add ice. Out and about and need a thirst quencher? Order a drink with lots of ice. You get my drift.

When I booked my first beverage photography client, I found out that having fake ice was a must. Most people don’t realize that commercials use fake food and props to make their products look amazing. If you watched the video where I made mocktails with fake ice, then you know what I’m talking about!

Relatable videos can reach a far wider audience because the connection is on a personal level. As more people share the videos, it gains traction and becomes viral.

#2 Short and simple.

Everyone is busy with work, school, family, and friends, so it’s no surprise that most of us have short attention spans. Viral videos appeal to us in that way. They’re usually under 30 seconds, but you can convey a message in that short time — or they’re just relaxing to watch!

TikTok is perfect for potential viral videos. I typically try to keep my videos under 30 seconds by getting straight into the meat of what the video is about.

It’s also about simplicity. Choosing short and simple content makes the video easier to create if there aren’t complicated parts. For example, in my fake ice videos, I give quick tidbits about my set-up (i.e., made of rubber; feels like a bouncy ball) and even make a comparison between my bougie prop ice that cost $150 and the Amazon one that cost $15. And yes, all in under 30 seconds. It’s doable!

H2: #3 Visualization

A key element of viral videos is the use of text on the screen and a voiceover. Viral videos often have a rapid-fire style of editing, where clips are edited together quickly for an exciting pace. I do close-ups in my fake ice videos to give you a closer look to see how realistic it looks and imagine how it feels when you see the rubber breaking apart (ASMR, anyone?).

Add in a voiceover with some text in the video and reel in your audience. Hook, line, and sinker. It’s quick and effective!

Ready to make your viral videos?

Taking in a few of the strategies I mentioned above, you can now create your viral videos for your brand and business! Once your videos go viral, you’ll see a rise in social media followers, website traffic, and consumer inquiries. Yay, you!

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’ve got you covered. Now is the time to get my FREE Viral Video Must-Haves Checklist, which will teach you all you need to know about making viral videos for your business!

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