My Favorite Floating Product Photography Tip

June 22, 2021

Wanna know how to make the subject of your product photoshoot float magically in mid-air? No, you don’t toss it upwards and frantically start snapping away on your camera! 

tin of space-themed welly bravery badges floating in "space" with blue and green ring around the tin and bandages surrounding

I have a super simple (and inexpensive) floating photography tip to share. Read on!

And the secret is…

…fishing line! Talk about repurposing everyday materials for your product photography biz, amirite?

photo of FAO Schwartz sea creature plushies with an ocean-themed backdrop

Pick up some clear fishing line from your local hardware store or sporting goods shop. You can also buy fishing line on Amazon for only six or seven bucks. Once you have your fishing line, attach one end to your product and tape it in place with painter’s tape. (But really, any strong tape will do.) 

Then, loop and tape the other end of the fishing line to a tall, sturdy structure. You can see in my TikTok that I attached it to my background support stand. It’s just the right height and I’m already using it to hold my background paper for the photoshoot!

astronaut reaching for space-themed tin of welly bravery bandages

After you’re done snapping your photos, all you have to do is edit out the fishing line in Photoshop! Easy peasy.

See the finished product here. Neat, right?

@lishcreativeFishing line photo hack! Such a fun idea for photoshoots! #learnontiktok #productphotography #photoshoot #photographer #behindthescenes♬ Float On – Modest Mouse

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viral video must-haves checklist mock-up on ipad screen



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