Food Styling Hack: Fake Coffee

June 17, 2021

If you’ve browsed around the LISH Creative blog, you know I’ve talked about some fun photography tricks and food styling hacks before! 

finger reaching out and tapping stack of 4 peaches on a pink background

Like how I created stacks of peaches for a stop-motion video (and got them to stay put), or how I put together a picture-perfect salt rim margarita (that you probably wouldn’t want to drink yourself).

This time, I’m talking about a food styling hack that went viral on my TikTok channel with nearly 6 million views! Coffee lovers, this food styling hack is for you. Er, on second thought, maybe not!


@lishcreativeI don’t recommend tasting this!!! ☕️ #learnontiktok #photohack #phototips #behindthescenes #foodtiktok #aprilfools♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

No coffee? No problem

No need to brew a whole pot of coffee for this product photoshoot! All you need is a tiny bit of soy sauce and some soap. Wild, right?

overhead shot of coffee, macarons, gold forks, teapot

I only needed a little soy sauce poured into a coffee mug, so I didn’t even have to buy a brand new jar from my local grocery store. If you have a few extra packets of soy sauce from your last takeout order stuffed in a junk drawer in your kitchen — let’s be honest, we all do — then that’s the perfect amount for this photoshoot.

I poured just enough soy sauce to cover the bottom of a glass coffee mug. Then, I filled the rest of the mug with water to match the color of a cup of black coffee. Finally, I topped it off with some soap bubbles for a freshly brewed look. 

spread of colorful prints styled with coffee and office supplies

Doesn’t it look just like coffee?? Yum!


Wanna create your own viral video?

I was shocked when this food styling hack video went viral! But then again, people love seeing weird and creative photography tricks on my channel. I’ve learned that those are the videos that tend to rack up millions of views on my TikTok.

If you want to go viral on social media too, don’t worry, you don’t have to film a behind-the-scenes peek at a gross food styling hack.You can go viral too with your very own social videos made for your brand and biz. When you go viral, you’ll notice more social media followers, higher site traffic, increased client inquiries, and all that good stuff!

If you don’t know where to get started, I got you covered. Download my FREE Viral Video Must-Haves checklist now, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating viral videos for your biz!

viral video must haves mockup on ipad screen





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