The Best Hotels in Scandinavia

January 7, 2018

I’ve been convinced that it is always better to go with a reputable brand of hotel chains, especially when traveling internationally.  You know what you’re going to get, no surprises. The downside can sometimes be that chains are not as cool, hip or unique as independent properties. But after staying at two different Scandic properties: the Scandic Front in Copenhagen and the Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm, that downside disappeared entirely.

The Scandic properties were unique, thoughtful and just plain stunning. From canal views and modern decor in Copenhagen, to pink velvet walls in Stockholm, Scandic was really showing off. Oh and one more thing, two words: FREE BREAKFAST. And it’s worth noting that this isn’t an ordinary free hotel breakfast (you know, the ones with just bananas and instant oatmeal packets), no, this was a complete breakfast spread. I was truly delighted each morning. There were meats, cheeses, breads, eggs, fresh orange juice, coffee, teas, a cereal bar, and my fav part – a yogurt bar complete with a dairy free option!! I’ve been on a breakfast yogurt kick ever since.

With 160 hotels in 6 countries, there are plenty of Scandic properties & destinations to choose from. We were so thankful to partner with them for our stays in Copenhagen and Stockholm and want to travel back to stay again sometime!

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