Alisha’s Amazon Must-Have Gift Guide List

November 16, 2021

Hey there! Alisha here, and with the holiday season right around the corner, I decided to share my go-to Amazon gift items. These are all items I have bought for myself (and love) or have gifted to someone close to me. I love shopping small, but when you need a gift quickly — I mean 2 day shipping quick! — Amazon is my hero. I have rounded up my 9 favorite gifts you can find on Amazon and created this Amazon gift guide! 

Gift 1: Travel Duffel Bag

I have this VanFn foldable duffel and I’m obsessed — it’s the best one I’ve ever owned. I love the size and interior pockets. It is perfect for a weekend getaway or a trip to the gym, plus it is so lightweight and waterproof. I am actually buying a second one right now in another color as I make this Amazon gift guide! 

VanFn foldable duffel bag

Gift 2: Tea Set 

This is like the cutest tea set! I have used it for lots of photo shoots here at LISH Creative. But I feel like it would be awesome for real life use, too. If you know someone who loves tea, this gift is it for them!

Amazingware Royall tea cups and saucers

Perfect for high teas in the living room or just for display on a bookcase for some cute home decor, your tea-lovin’ family member or friend will love this.

Gift 3: Dessert Tray

The next gift on my Amazon gift guide is this Poitemsic Creative Arch Dessert Tray. It has the coolest design and makes any dessert or charcuterie board even more unique. It is made with high-quality material and is totally dishwasher safe — which makes it even cooler, in my opinion.

Poitemsic Creative Arch Dessert Tray Wavy Wood


Gift 4: Portable Mug

It seems like I am always on the go and I often find coffee stains on my clothes because I just carried around a regular mug. I guess my fast walking would always cause coffee to spill out, so I added this portable mug with lid to my gift list. 

Ceramic mug with lid

The W&P Porter Ceramic Mug is ceramic, 16 ounces, and dishwasher safe. It even comes with a protective sleeve to keep your hands and mug safe! I am in love with the blush color but the mug is available in different colors. 

Gift 5: Hands-Free Dog Leash

If you didn’t already know, I am a HUGE dog lover. I love taking my dog, Mona, everywhere, especially when I go for a run or walk. So when I decided to shop Amazon and look for the perfect leash. I bought the EzyDog Road Runner Bungee Leash

Hands free leash for walking petsCompletely hands-free, it is so easy to just snap the one end around my waist and go. Plus, I have both hands if I stumble or need to maneuver through a crowd! (Or… check my phone.) 


Gift 6: Herschel Backpack

I’ve been using this Herschel backpack as a purse and I absolutely love the size. It is perfect for running errands and is very lightweight. Plus, the color is to die for! It would make the perfect holiday gift for someone who would rather wear a backpack over a purse or someone who lives in a big city, does a lot of traveling, and/or walks a lot! 

Mini Herschel Backpack in Rose


Gift 7: Hair Towel

This is literally the BEST hair towel I have ever tried. I even bought it for my sister and my mom last year. The AQUIS Original Hair Towel is a microfiber towel and dries your hair super fast! I love how lightweight it is and I can easily wear it while doing my makeup or getting dressed. 

Microfiber hands free towel for hair


Gift 8: Probiotic Soda 

Never thought I would ever type those two words together, but here I am. The Poppi Sparkling Probiotic Soda is so delicious I had to add it to my Amazon gift ideas. The packaging is so cute (and you know I’m a sucker for that!).

probiotic soda

The soda is quite delicious and gut health is pretty important to me (and maybe someone on your list?!), so you might as well enjoy the drink while getting healthy. 


Gift 9: Flower Vase 

The last item on my holiday gift guide is this gorgeous vase. Perfect for someone’s kitchen or dining room table, this business is unique and adds a little something to any room. Plus, you can fill it with beautiful flowers for bonus beauty. 

Peach vase for flower


Looking for more gift ideas? 

There are so many other Amazon favorites of mine, but these are definitely my top favorite purchases! Amazon is a fast and efficient way to grab gifts and normally has anything and everything you could ever think of. 

Have other people you’re looking to buy for? Check out our other gift guides here.


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