2020 Gift Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs

2020 gifts for creative entrepreneurs

Do you have someone in your life who’s just…a boss? Someone stylish and business-savvy who kicks ass at being an entrepreneur? I know a lot of fantastic creative entrepreneurs who are rocking their photography, blogging, content creating, or social media…

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2020 Gift Guide for Dessert Lovers

2020 dessert lover gift guide

Fellow dessert lovers out there, raise your hands! I can never turn down a delicious cookie or cake or piece of chocolate. And for us dessert people, the holidays are an even more magical time. Desserts make easy, thoughtful gifts,…

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2020 Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

2020 gift guide for dog lovers

Have you met my sweet goldendoodle pup, Mona?  She was quite the model for my recent professional organizing project and has been helping me in front of the camera since she was only a few months old! Just look at…

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2020 Gift Guide for Color Lovers

I know it’s going to come as a shock, but I love color. There’s just something about vibrant pinks and blues and yellows and greens that I adore. I’m super grateful to be able to work with brands that share…

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Gift Guide for Runners

NO. 1 Cookie Dough Protein Bar NO. 2 Garmin Smartwatch NO. 3 dimok Athletic Running Sock NO. 4 Huma Chia Energy Gel NO. 5 Nike Metcon 5 AMP NO. 6 Adidas Athletic Tank NO. 7 Vooray Active Fanny Pack NO.…

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Gift Guide for Pink Lovers

NO. 1: Pink Gradient Sketching Pencils NO 2: Pink Cozy Socks NO 3: Bluetooth Wireless Speakers NO 4: Marble Notepad NO 5: May Notebook NO 6: OK Wall Art NO 7: Carry-On Suitcase NO 8: Nike Sneakers NO 9: Slippers…

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Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

The holiday season is a great time to spoil loved ones, even your dog! I’ve linked some of my favorite accessories for dogs (and even you) below! NO. 1: Dog Mom Sticker This would be perfect for your car, computer…

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Gift Guide for Color Lovers

Bando Rainbow Tumblr This 10oz. tumblr is full of joy! Bando Color Block Wallet The pink and navy combo is my favorite! Bando Sticker Book This book has all the stickers you can imagine and all the color too. Bando…

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