Where to Buy Photo Backdrops

February 2, 2021

I recently got a question on TikTok from the lovely @jackieaguirre21 about where I purchase my photo backdrops! Of course I answered Jackie on TikTok, but I also wanted to dive deeper into the answer here.


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I love talking about backdrops — in fact you can find a couple other resources I written in the past, like 11 Nontraditional Photo Backdrop Ideas and How to Use Wrapping Paper as a Backdrop. I love repurposing fun stuff like tile, rugs, and cellophane as photo backdrops. 

However, one of my most used backdrop items is seamless paper! There are so many different ways you can get creative with seamless paper. Like pairing two colors or tearing it up to add depth and texture.

On the hunt for some new photo backdrops? Keep reading!

My favorite brand of seamless paper

Savage Seamless Paper is my go-to brand of seamless paper. Savage comes in dozens of different colors for all your photoshoot needs. It’s a great investment because you can reuse rolls of seamless paper over and over again.

Savage Seamless Paper comes in a variety of roll widths and lengths. I have the 26”, 53”, 86”, and 107” widths, but you can also buy rolls in 140” width. For roll length, you can choose between 18’, 36’, 105’, and 150’.

Where to buy seamless paper

You can find Savage Seamless Paper on Amazon — it’s called Savage Seamless Background Paper there — and it qualifies for Amazon Prime!

However, if you want more choices in colors and sizes, I suggest buying from B & H Photo Video online. (It’s called Savage Widetone Seamless Background Paper there.) You have way more options on their site. You can even find printed seamless paper for your background!

Check the colors first

Pro tip: Before you order from either site, I highly suggest you get a Seamless Paper Color Chart, or chipchart, to view the paper colors accurately. Your computer monitor or phone may show one color when it actually looks different in person.

Plus, color names can be deceiving as you can see in my TikTok! What “coral” looks like to you may be totally different from company to company. There are so many varieties of a simple color like “blue,” too. 

Do your homework with a color chart so you don’t waste time and money buying the wrong paper roll!

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