The foundation of every social media strategy

February 4, 2016

There’s nothing in this social media world that I believe in more than the power of incredible content.

Beautiful & strategic content can attract and retain an audience. It is the first step towards the start of a strong community, and it is the very foundation in which I’ve built my brand.

People will shout about hashtags, influencer campaigns, engaging with your target, and a lot of other things that are definitely important too – but let me walk you through a completely fabricated, made-up example, to demonstrate why none of that matters if your content isn’t clicking.

You are on Instagram and see loads of likes and comments from Lulu’s Lemonade (a completely made up brand). You also see some paid advertising from Lulu’s Lemonade, and all of your favorite celebrities are sharing snaps of Lulu’s on their feeds…even JLAW! You think to yourself – Lulus’s Lemonade is everywhere, everyone is talking about it, I have to check out their feed! So you pop on over to their handle and OUCH – you stop dead in your tracks!

The Lulu’s feed is full of half-sipped bottles posing in a dark office building, regrams of little high schoolers posing for selfies with their favorite flavors, and loud and obnoxious graphics advertising in-store promotions…OH MAN…!

Even though they made an effort to engage with a community, and paid for advertising and influencer campaigns to spread the word about their product, none of that mattered because when you landed on their feed, it was an immediate turn off. Their content squashed conversion.

If Lulu’s would have spent their time investing in incredible content, everything would have changed! You would have arrived on their page and would have been WOW-ed! Their profile description would have told you exactly who they are, where they’re located, and how to buy. Images would have been cohesive, well-lit, and included styled photography of the product in action. AND there would be a lot of it – 1-3 posts per day of this good stuff, to keep people coming back and wanting more.

Now back to your brand –
If you’re thinking of how to up your social media game, or even your online presence in general – think about your content, and that very first impression your potential clients get when they arrive on your profiles, your website, or even your blog. Because every single touch point matters. Your goal is to stand out – to grasp that email subscriber and hold on, to find that potential customer and make that sale, to reach out to that potential client and have your portfolio speak for itself – and content is your vehicle! Go out there and create something beautiful. Something that people will want to stick around for.

You wouldn’t show up to a job interview dressed in sweatpants, flip flops and your favorite college tee, so think of your online presence the same way. Visual first impressions matter on social media – so let’s make it count!

And if you need help – just say the word :)



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