Q4 Q&A + Road Trip VLOG!

October 1, 2017

Last week, I announced that we were driving from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh as the start of 3 months of traveling away from Los Angeles. With the announcement, we were met with lots of questions, and requests for a VLOG! Check out the video here and scroll through for the FAQs.

1. Where are you going to be over the next three months?
We will be in Pittsburgh for 4 weeks, Europe for 2 weeks, and Miami for 4 weeks. There are 2 weeks where we are undecided, and this also doesn’t count any of the time that I will be back in LA over the course of 3 months.

2. Will you continue to work?
Absolutely YES! So much of my work can be done from anywhere like client relations, inbox management, conference calls, creative concepting, prop shopping and more. I also brought along all of my gear, basically a mobile studio and prop closet, so that I could execute any in-studio photography and animations. For lifestyle imagery, I will be shooting anything fall-themed in Pennsylvania (we have changing leaves and rolling pumpkin patches!) and for anything related to the California lifestyle, I will fly back for. I already have an LA trip planned for the week of October 9th.

3.. Are you still able to serve your clients?
Absolutely. Aside from the 2 weeks in Europe, I will still be responding to client emails & phone calls, working to bring their projects to life, and communicating with my internal team daily.

4. Are you accepting new clients at this time? 
YES! We are able to execute any in-studio imagery or GIFs from anywhere, fall lifestyle work in Pittsburgh, international lifestyle work in Europe, and beachy/artistic lifestyle work from Miami. It’s kind of the best of both worlds! We will cover so many unique locations for our clients!

5. When will you be back in LA?
I will be back to shoot for three of my clients during the week of October 9th, most likely sometime again in November, and we will be back for good on December 15th.

6. Where in Europe are you going?
We are traveling to Paris, London, Copenhagen and one more city that is TBD – send recs!

7. Is it hard catering to a medical student’s schedule?
It presents a unique challenge, but I feel like we’re embracing it! Not many people get to experience living in multiple cities and medical students have a chance to. Being an entrepreneur is ideal for me because I can have a more flexible schedule and I can create opportunities wherever we go. The time he spends studying and in the hospitals has also been perfect because I never feel guilty about working too much. I use that time to serve my clients and to build my business and it works. If he wasn’t in medical school, I think my business would be in an entirely different place, or maybe not even exist yet.

8. What year of Medical School is Graham in?
He is in his third year. He has one more school year of rotations left and then he will be matched into a residency.

9. What type of doctor does he want to be? 
He is a former college hockey player so he is interested in some form of sports medicine.

10. Are you both from Pittsburgh?
We are both from the South Hills! I grew up in Peters Twp and Graham in Bethel Park.

Any other questions? Leave them in the comments or DM me on Instagram! I hope you enjoyed the VLOG!


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