Putting the Fun in Learning With Magna-Tiles®

July 5, 2023

Who says you’re too old to have an imagination? In our recent client project with Magna-Tiles®, we definitely got to dream up some fun ideas for this shoot! 

Our team needed to find ways to incorporate all different uses for the tiles and styles of play — learning, dominoes, ball runs, castles, tunnels…you get the idea. There was a lot of trial and error. But that’s fine because it’s where the best ideas are born.

Testing which builds worked best on camera meant that we got a good idea of just how cool these tiles are. And the kids loved it too!

The Setup

You know we’re masters at creating fake scenes and props for our shoots, and this one for Magna-Tiles® was no different! We created a fake playroom scene, complete with laminate flooring (which were actually just tables) and an area rug. Can you tell it’s not a real floor??


Turning imagination into reality

Magna-Tiles® is all about creating toys that inspire interactive play for kids. These playsets help kids develop skills they use in everyday life, so we had to show off just how much kids enjoy learning with the tiles!


Trusted by parents, loved by kids

Not only are these tiles loved by parents and educators, but they’re also a kid favorite too! Since their beginnings in 1997, they’ve quickly become America’s #1 magnetic construction brand and an essential tool for children.

They even foster STEAM discovery and learning, and can be adapted to enjoy for kids of any age. Littles and school-age children alike can enjoy all the excitement that Magna-Tiles bring!


Let’s bring your vision to life

The content we created for Magna-Tiles® will be used across their social media platforms and with their new website redesign, which is still in the works, but you can bookmark their website here to check it out once it’s done!

We had so much fun working with this family-owned business and can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Watching the creative process unfold and bringing the magic on screen for our clients is what we do best. And we always want to make sure the process is a fun, colorful, and collaborative one, like what we created for Magna-Tiles®.

Interested in seeing what our team and yours can dream up together? Let’s get something started!! Follow the link here to learn more about what we do and how we can work together!


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