My 9 favorite home finds

September 26, 2019

In June, we moved across the country and into our new home. The crazy part is that we sold almost all of our possessions beforehand and only brought with us what fit into my SUV. When we did the math, it was actually cheaper to buy all new stuff instead of pay to move it (it was a small apartment and most of our stuff was cheap/thrifted to begin with)! So when we got here, it was a race to furnish and decorate. Here are some of my favorite pieces that we picked up:

No. 1: Element End Table

No. 2: Whisler Coffee Table

No. 3: Bedding

No. 4: Project 62 Floor Lamp

No. 5: Jonathan Y Table Lamp

No. 6: Opalhouse Woven Rug

No. 7: Project 62 Banana Tree

No. 8: Project 62 Brass Planter

No. 9: Project 62 Artificial Monstera Plant


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