April 25, 2016

On Friday, I was a guest at Capitol Records’ first ever Insta-meet! Hosted by @andrewkuttler and @skyzzle, it was a fun night full of new friends, pretty palms, sunset views, and even musical guests! Read on for all of the details and photos:

We started out in the rear parking lot and courtyard, where I couldn’t stop snapping these palms!

Next, we were treated to an intimate piano-side performance by Sebastian Kole! He was so kind and was such a joy to listen to. I snapped this image of him on the rooftop afterwards:

Speaking of that rooftop…I was in complete awe of the view, the sights, the colors, the Hollywood sign (!).  After some photos with the help of my new IRL friend, Amy Tangerine, we were treated to a rooftop performance by Broods! The light was so beautiful – I couldn’t stop snapping.

As the sun set, my new friends @popscure & @justinreade were nice enough to take some pictures of me! They are both so talented – please check out their work!

 image by @popscure image by @popscure  image by @popscure image by @popscure

 Thank you for making me feel like a rockstar - @justinreade!      Thank you for making me feel like a rockstar – @justinreade!

Huge thanks to Capitol Records and Zoe & Kim for putting together such a great event! AND to Skyler and Andrew for being such great hosts and for encouraging such creativity.   CHEERS!


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