How to Style a Pegboard

November 18, 2020

If you’ve been following along with my posts on working with a professional organizer, you might’ve seen some sneak peeks of the changes to the LISH Creative studio!

Thanks to Nikki from NEAT Method Pittsburgh, I’m getting the most out of my cabinet space, countertops, and floor space. There are sooo many supplies, tools, and props I need to use for my job, and it’s important to me that I have a system to keep everything organized. 

Another space in the studio that I didn’t realize I could use for organizing? Wall space! Nikki’s design for a pegboard has seriously transformed my studio. You can see what part of my new pegboard wall looks like here. (Full reveal to come!)

If I inspired you to create your very own pegboard for your workspace, then let’s talk about how to style it and make it look good!

What you’ll need

🛒 Pegboard

🛒  Hooks

🛒  Shelves

🛒  Baskets

(I have links to everything I purchased for my pegboard project down below!)

What I love about this DIY organization project is that it’s pretty inexpensive, and you can find everything you need at your local hardware store. That’s where I got my pegboard and materials.

My dad is a mechanical contractor, so I entrusted the task of hanging up the pegboard on the wall to him. Here’s an easy tutorial for installing a pegboard if you need it! You’ll need screws, anchors, a drill, and a few other items, but it’s super easy and doesn’t take long to hang.

Tips for styling

Once you have your pegboard up, the fun begins. It’s time to style it! Here’s a picture of the pegboard in my studio, before all the magic really happened:

lish creative studio pegboard organization

Put together a color palette

What do you want your pegboard to look like? If you love natural materials and earth tones in your work space, I’m betting you want your pegboard to match. You can do that with raw wood shelves or gold baskets and hooks.

If you want all the colors like I do in my studio, or you want to highlight a favorite color, look for hooks, shelves, or baskets in the colors you want. If you’re upgrading some tools that will go on the pegboard, like scissors, rulers, or hot glue guns, buy them in your chosen color too!  

When you have certain items on your pegboard that match or complement each other in color, it’ll look purposefully styled and cool.

Create balance and symmetry

Got all your pegboard items ready? Good. Now where the heck do you put everything? 

Keep balance and symmetry in mind. For example, if you hang one basket in the bottom corner of the board, balance things out by putting another basket in the same spot on the opposite side. 

Another idea is to display “collections” of items you have, like pens in every color, tape, stickers, you name it. Grouping things and displaying them together looks neat and balanced. 

An easy way to make your pegboard symmetrical is to put everything in rows! I love how Rachel from The Crafted Life did this for her DIY Rainbow Pegboard. Look at how neat the rows of paint cans, scissors, and tape look.

Think practically

You definitely want your pegboard to look good, but it also has to work for your job, too! Don’t forget to think practically about where you place things. 

For example, tape is probably one of my most used items every day, so it’s nice to have it in a handy spot that I can reach. It wouldn’t make sense to hang my tape collection at the top of my pegboard, making me bring out a step stool every time I needed a roll, right?

So, look at the items you use most often and put them in an easily reachable spot on your pegboard. Tools or things you only use once in a while can go up top.

Here’s how a section of my pegboard ended up being organized — keeping everything colorful but also placed in a way that is easy for me to grab what I need.

pegboard organization lish creative studio

Have fun with it

Finally, have fun styling your pegboard! Don’t be afraid to put extra stuff on there that you don’t really need for work. 

Add photos of your dog, a neon sign, a small motivational poster, your favorite knick-knacks, whatever you want to your board! You can always change up the styling if you want. It’s a space to keep stuff organized, but it should also make you feel good when you look at it!

I know I sure love how mine turned out!

brite lite pegboard

P.S. Want to know where I got all these fun pegboard accessories?

Here’s a list of items with links (some are affiliates!)


Custom Neon Sign

Baskets and hooks

Extra hooks


Acrylic pen holder

Small canister

Ask me about my dog sign 

Pink stapler

Rainbow scissor set

Crane scissors

Gold canisters




Colorstrology book

Pantone notebook (similar)

Clare V notebook

Gold scissors

Gold ruler (similar)

Gold stapler (similar)

Washi tape


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