How to Hang Background Paper

March 18, 2021

How to Hang Background Paper

I am a big lover of seamless paper rolls. I use them for photo backdrops all the time — and I’ve shared where to buy them and how to use it for flatlays. But how do I hang them? 

Great question! Let’s talk about two ways to hang background paper for a photoshoot.

Option 1: Tape the roll to a wall or cabinet 

Let’s say you have a tiny photoshoot space or you’re only using a small roll of background paper to shoot something small. 

In either case, all you need is some tape! I like using painter’s tape, but any kind of strong tape will do – just be careful of your paper ripping!

Tape one end of your roll paper to a wall or cabinet. Drape the rest of the roll over a counter or table. If you have clamps, you can clamp the roll of paper in place, but they’re not necessary. A little more tape will hold it in place, too!

Option 2: Use a background stand

If you’re using larger rolls, or you plan to use a variety of colors and sizes, it’s worth investing in a background stand. You can set the roll of paper on your background stand and use clamps to secure it to the edge of a table or counter, just like we talked about in the previous steps.

My favorite background stand is made by Manfrotto, and it comes with a couple of mini spring clamps and a transport bag to carry around to all your shoots. I like it because it’s very sturdy and the crossbar is adjustable, so I can use it for all my paper sizes!


However, you can easily find other background stands at different price points. There are lots of decent stands for under $100 out there. 

Want more photoshoot hacks and background DIY tips?

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