DIY Textured Photo Backdrop

March 25, 2021

DIY Textured Photo Backdrop

Photo backdrops are one of my favorite ways to boost a photoshoot.

An eye-popping backdrop can really take a photo to the next level. Like this pretty painted Valentine’s Day backdrop, or this bright and colorful backdrop.


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Pops of different colors can make attention-grabbing backdrops, and they’re easy to put together. But if you want to take your backdrop to the next level, I suggest using texture! 

Why textured backdrops for your photoshoots?

Texture adds a little something special to photos. You can almost feel whatever is in the shot. Like these crinkly paper fans, soft green grass, or festive holiday garlands.


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Ready to make a DIY textured photo backdrop to use in your next shoot? Here are my tips:

What you’ll need to create a textured backdrop

You can find these supplies on Amazon or at your local craft or hardware store. When picking up your supplies, make sure you buy more than you think you’ll need for your backdrop. It is not fun working your way through a project and running out of hot glue or spray paint in the middle of it!

Get crafty with your own design

Once you have all your supplies, set up a little work space with lots of ventilation for your spray paint and hot glue. You may also want to put down newspaper or old fabric to protect your table, floor, or countertop from stains or mess.

Then, get creative with your rope! Use the rope to build and glue a fun design to your board. If you’re stuck for ideas, an arch, square, or circle are easy to make. You can even just have the rope running horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across your board.

After your rope design is glued to your board, spray the entire backdrop with spray paint in the color of your choice! Once the paint is totally dried, it’s ready to be used in your next photoshoot. Super easy, right? 

Show me your DIY photo backdrop!

If you want to see this tutorial step-by-step in action, head over to my TikTok! And if you created your own DIY textured photo backdrop, share it by tagging me on Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok — @lishcreative or @alishylishy — so I can see it!

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