DevaCurl Digital Animation & Stop-Motion

November 9, 2022

We were asked by DevaCurl to do something bright, fun, and fast for their new DevaFast Dry and Curl Knockout products. Sounds right up our alley, right? We worked on a mix of photos, videos, stop-motions and our new digital animations for them! 


Planning, filming, and delivering

We used the videos to showcase all of the awesome features of each product in a way that not only shows how great it works but also shows how fast it works, too! 

We all have super busy lives…but that shouldn’t affect how great we want our hair to look! So that was our goal with this shoot.

We wanted to start the video by capitalizing on the eye-catching bright lime green that DevaCurl products are known for…so we got a bunch of fun props (you know we love our props) that fit the aesthetic, plus a DevaCurl branded blow dryer so that viewers knew exactly what was coming next. 


From there, it was all about showing DevaFastDry in action.


With a few short clips and some creative uses of the product itself, we highlighted DevaFastDry’s 66% faster dryer time in comparison to other curling products. We also added in some before-and-after shots to show just how amazing the product works!

We even got a little messy (but had a lot of fun!) with confetti to celebrate all the things you can be doing now that you don’t have to worry about waiting for your curls to lock and dry. 

Props were a definite help for this short-form video. When you only have a certain amount of time, you want to pack as much in as you can while still making sure your content is appealing and effective.

Now… want to see the final results?

Turning still shots into animated video

Our new Digital Animation Station service also came in handy for DevaCurl, because we were able to turn some of the still shots we got of DevaFastDry products into adorable video.

We turned this awesome still shot that the DevaCurl team produced internally 

into THIS slow-mo video:

We also took basic product shots like this:

And turned them into fun animations like this:

Want us to turn YOUR images into short, animated clips like this? Our Digital Animation Station monthly subscription lets you extend the life of your assets easily — all you have to do is contact us to get started!

Add short-form video to your content strategy for some extra fast results

Creating these short-form videos for a new product is such a fun and practical way to gain interest in what you’re offering! Creating these videos for TikTok, Reels, and even ads can help you catch the eye — and keep the attention span — of your audience.

People are consuming SO much content SO quickly these days. You’ll need a formula that catches attention as quickly as possible, and we have just that. If you want to work with us to capture your products’ best features in short-form or long-form video, static or animated images, we’re the agency for you.

Check out our services here and contact us if you’re ready to get started.



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