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Paint Drip Background Tutorial on Best Friends For Frosting

You may have see my instagram profile picture and secretly asked “where did she find that painted background?” The answer? I painted it! More accurately, I poured and dripped it, and you can too, because the full, colorful and messy…

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5 Tips For Using Instagram To Jump-Start Your Career

Three months out of college, having turned down various employment opportunities that weren’t quite right, I took the next big step to launch my career: I got serious about Instagram. Goodbye were the days of random photos with friends and…

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I <3 SF

Aside from lishylishy, I also work as an Associate Creative Stategist at an advertising agency here in Pittsburgh. Part of my job involves occasional travel to visit our west coast clients. I’ve been able to enjoy San Fran twice so…

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Minneapolis, MN

After traveling through Europe last semester, I became extremely aware that I really haven’t seen enough of the United States.  Needless to say, the traveler inside of me was thrilled  at the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a…

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Re-Visiting Paris

In honor of the final day of the French Open, I wanted to re-visit my fabulous trip to the city of light by sharing all different pictures. I just wish I could have squeezed in a visit to Roland Garros.…

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I compiled some of my favorite panoramas from my study abroad experience- From top: Lugano, Paris, Wimbledon, Barcelona, Siena, Corniglia, Manarola  

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