7 Photography & Styling Mistakes You May Be Making

June 12, 2020

1. Relying on AUTO mode

Using manual mode will make SUCH a huge difference in the overall look & feel of your photos, and cut back on editing time too.

2. Poor/inconsistent lighting

You may not have fancy studio lighting, but that is OK! Finding ample natural light indoors or even going outside can help immensely. Also considering using a bounce board for more even coverage.

3. Focus problems

Use focus points on your camera or tether to a computer so that you can zoom in to make sure that everything is crisp and clear. If working on a flatlay, consider a higher f-stop so that items of different heights can remain in focus.

4. Camera movement during stop-motions

Make sure to use a tripod (or better yet, a c-stand), and try not to touch the camera for any reason. Tethering to a computer or utilizing a remote shutter can also help eliminate camera shake.

5. Not leaving enough negative space

Aside from helping to achieve a cleaner look, negative space can also help when trying to crop to different aspect ratios.

6. Inconsistent color palette

Each photoshoot should have a consistent and cohesive color palette that aligns with the brand/goals. This includes backgrounds as well as props!

7. Glare

Nothing ruins a photo more than a streak of glare across a product label or certain props. Change your angles and move your light source until you can find a way to make it disappear!



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