4 Productivity Hacks for Creative Biz Owners

May 20, 2021

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4 Productivity Hacks for Creative Biz Owners

One of the most common struggles we all have as small business owners is feeling like we have to wear all the hats when it comes to running our businesses. Let’s be honest — especially in the beginning, you do! 

So how can you manage to get it all done, without having a mental breakdown?! Being efficient with your time is key! And we have learned how to automate some things along the way too! I shared ways to get more done in your business on TikTok, but wanted to dive deeper here on the blog! Check it out:


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Hack 1: Schedule emails

I love nothing more than scheduling emails ahead of time. You may not even know that you can do this! When I realized I could work ahead and get emails written to be sent on a later day and time, it freed up so much mental space for me! 

Also, it has helped me create more boundaries around my email. Previously, I would keep my email open on my laptop and phone all day and would get notifications constantly! Now, I check my email twice a day and then schedule my replies. 

Bottom left hand corner where the “send” button is, click the arrow next to it and you will see “schedule send.”

screenshot of email scheduling
Click “Pick date & time” to choose when you want your email to send!

screenshot of email scheduling

Hack 2: Hire a bookkeeper

Keeping track of all your business expenses coming in and out will quickly burn you out. I have been using Bench.co and love it! Every month, I get a financial statement as bank statements are imported to their bookkeeping team automatically. Their accounting app gives me monthly statements and expense overviews to help me keep an eye on where the money is going. 

homepage of bench.co

Click here to start your free trial* to see if you love it as much as I do! I love using their online messaging when I have questions, too!

Hack 3: Automate payroll with Gusto

Automate your payroll. Trust me, just do it! It has been one of the best business moves I have made!

When LISH Creative switched from an LLC to an s-corp, we started using Gusto, and it has been such a game-changer! As an s-corp, I am considered an employee of my company, so I have to run payroll and pay the taxes that go along with that. Gusto handles it all! 

homepage of gusto website

You just plug in a salary and it direct-deposits each month, and Gusto even takes care of taxes for you, too.

Hack 4: Schedule social media content

Similar to emails, scheduling my social media content frees up so much brain space and helps me stay on track instead of ending up in the scroll hole… yes, you know what I am talking about! You get on IG or TikTok to make a post, and somehow an hour goes by and you can’t remember why you opened the app in the first place. 

That’s why I love using Plann.* It’s an all-in-one scheduler, social strategist, and design and content calendar. The app has so many different features that you can utilize. It has helped us create a consistent brand and allows our team to work together to plan and strategize in one place.  

You are able to not only schedule posts ahead of time, but also rearrange photos to see how they will visually appear on your feed before ever posting them live! I love to look at the content calendar a month at a time to get a bird’s eye view of everything going out, for both my personal Instagram and LISH Creative’s.

homepage of plann website

To top it off, I can time-block a few hours to create content for a week or month at a time, rather than worrying about it on a daily basis. No more scroll holes for me!

BONUS Hack: Rock your photography

You’ve saved a ton of time in your business with those tools I just shared above, but are you still spending a ton of time taking photos for social or your website? 

It’s time to take your photography skills to the next level, with my course, Slay the Flatlay. It’s perfect for all you entrepreneurs in the creative industry — whether you are an aspiring photographer, blogger, content creator, etc! 

screenshot of slay the flatlay course


It’s time to get down to business with my “no fluff” approach. You will have access to over 4+ hours of content to dive into along with 20 modules covering topics like personal branding, concept development, styling hacks, and more. 

Save $50 on the course by using the code SLAY! And if you’re ready to sign up, head over here

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