3 Things in My Photo Studio That Just Make Sense

July 13, 2021

Last fall, I shared that I hired a professional organizer to help me organize my workspace to make this space much more functional, organized, and just fun to be in.

Today, I am taking you behind the scenes in my studio to highlight 3 of my favorite things in my studio that just make sense! I am able to run my photoshoots so much more smoothly and efficiently with my most used props and products organized and looking fab.

brite lite pegboard

Picture ledge for spray paint

Yes, organized in order of the rainbow of course! You can never have too many cans of spray paint. Am I right?

shelf of spray paint in rainbow order

Sleek garbage bins

shelf of organized bins featuring white trash bins used as storage of florals

Taking these sleek garbage bins and using them to display my beautiful flower bouquets has got to be one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. I just love the idea of using something that “should” hold trash and using it to hold pretty things, instead!

Custom dividers

rolls of seamless paper organized neatly in rainbow order

While I was reorganizing my studio, my dad made these custom dividers, which became the perfect place to store my seamless paper. I love how it flows in the color of the rainbow, and it’s got so much fun texture to add to the space.

Pen holders

pens organized in rainbow order on pegboard

You should have seen what my pens looked like before I got these bins to organize them in. Let’s just say that I always seemed to need the one color I couldn’t find in my junk drawers! Now, I can grab the colors I need when I need them. 

Cute canisters for props

canisters full of props neatly organized on shelves

I’ve got a huge collection of random props I use for photo shoots. The Home Edit blew my mind when they shared the best way for me to keep them organized: bins and these CUTE canisters! Now, I can easily display all of my props so I know what all I have to work with. 

Piñata shelves

pinata shelf

I mean, is there anything better than shelves of piñatas? They have got to be some of my favorite props. Can you remember seeing them in any of my previous shoots or client work?

That’s a wrap!

Reorganizing my space was a blast, and it has inspired me to organize many other things in my studio and home! Want to see more of my studio and how I stay organized? Check out some of my bins close up in this Reel. Oh, and be sure to follow along on TikTok for more photoshoot tips and behind-the-scenes fun!


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