IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA - Crafting it Forward

So far we've talked a lot about how creative professionals leverage social media to grow their personal brands, their careers, and their businesses. But one thing that's missing, is how brands, creators, and organizations are using social media to do GOOD.

Today, I'm chatting with Candice Becklund, the Founder of Crafting it Forward, a subscription craft box with a twist. Once a child is done enjoying their DIY craft, they mail it forward to a child fighting cancer or to a senior citizen. Read on to learn how Candice and her team has leveraged influencers and hashtags to spread more joy to those in need:

LISH: What are some of the largest opportunities that have resulted from social media?
Candice: We love finding our designers on social media. Our craft designers help us grow our following and create fun DIY crafts for our subscribers. The only way we would have found these new friends and business partners was through Instagram. We also watch out for contests, or others reaching a hand out to partner with creatives. When those opportunities arise we are the first to email. 

L: What are you most inspired by?
C: We are most inspired by the crafting moms/blog/business owners. There are some incredible women out there who raise their children, run successful blogs, and somehow have enough creative space to design and craft incredible items that fill their feeds with color and creativity. These are the people that inspire us. 

L: What is one piece of advice you would give to creatives who are looking to use social media to enhance their careers/business?
C: Do research on how to best use it. It took us a few weeks to figure out the beauty of a hashtag. Now we are constantly hashtagging our images and clicking on others hashtags to find more creative people. Also, don't be afraid include a "call of action" on your accounts. If you are wanting someones thoughts or feedback ask for it... if you are wanting someone to purchase something that you are selling, ask your followers to purchase it. 

 @amyventures for Crafting it Forward

@amyventures for Crafting it Forward

L: Who are your favorite accounts to follow? Any hidden gems we should know about?
C: We always love our designers. If we hire a designer, it means they inspired us and we need to share their amazing talent with all of our subscribers. Here are a few of the awesome people we have worked with over the last few months @elleventy @dotdotsmile @amyventures @knipsarina

L: What's next for you - tell us about something you're working on!
C: We are working on our customer experience and continuing to up the content of our boxes. The crafts keep getting better and better... and now we are starting to include some fun extra goodies like kids books and toys. It's fun to see something grow but also progress into something awesome. We are also always focused on figuring out ways we can continue to bless those around us. We have almost all of our crafted forward crafts hand delivered to children who are fighting cancer and to senior citizens. Little things like that make a huge difference in the lives of others. 


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