Photoshoot Tethering 101

January 16, 2020

I tether for almost every shoot I work on to create seamless stop motions and edit with ease. Now, you may be asking “why should I tether?” There are endless benefits that will boost your productivity on shoots and help you deliver the best content. You can preview images on a larger screen and you have the ability to overlay images as a guide (check out the image below). Editing is made easy as you can share the process with clients LIVE, without having to import to a computer. You can flag your favorites in real time, without having to review all images later. And, it is handsfree, you can leave your camera setup on a tripod or c-stand. That means you can control everything from your computer using control camera settings, this is crucial for stop motions!!!

Check out the list below for gear you need to start tethering!

  • tripod or c-stand to suspend camera
  • tether cord (make sure to find the one that matches your camera)
  • laptop import software like Canon EOS Utility or Lightroom


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