Paint Splatter Pumpkins DIY

October 12, 2015

I love big bursts of color – especially when those bursts are the result of some simple paint dripping and splattering. And when it comes to pumpkins, I’ve gone the carved, and the intricately painted route in past years, but both methods seemed a little daunting with my schedule as of late! So why not just splatter paint some fall decor?!

Mini Pumpkins
White Base Coat – I prefer Kilz
Acrylic Craft Paint – colors of your choosing
Large paint brush – for base coat
Small paint brush –¬†for splattering
Drop Cloth or Scrap Paper

Step One: BASE
Since I purchased traditional orange pumpkins, I started with a layer of primer to give them a nice white base coat. I wanted those colors to really pop! I laid out a large white sheet of poster board to keep the mess in check, and used a wide brush for faster application.


After selecting colors, I started drizzling each color, one at a time. Less expensive, low quality acrylic craft paint actually works best for splattering because it is a very thin consistency that will naturally drip in every which way. I poured paint straight out of the bottle, and also filled a small paint  brush with globs to flick and finely scatter throughout. You can also use an old toothbrush for tiny little paint dots, if you want to get really fancy.

Step Three: DRY & ENJOY
Depending on how much paint you apply, pumpkins can take up to six hours to dry completely. When they’re all set, you can discard the scrap paper or dropcloth, and find a pretty place to display your new fall decor!


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