Lugano Loving

April 1, 2013

Study abroad involves a lot of trip planning in a little time.  Unfortunately, sometimes the details slip through the cracks.  I am referencing this past weekend where a small little detail like a train reservation, prevented us from traveling to the Amalfi Coast of Italy.  Lesson learned, Easter weekend is unsurprisingly a top travel holiday in Europe too.  Left with no other plan, we ended up having a fabulously relaxing and beautiful weekend appreciating our home base of Lugano, Switzerland.

The beautiful weather on Easter Sunday prompted a spontaneous paddle boat adventure on Lake Lugano.

 I loved seeing new views of the charming lake town that I have called home for the past three months.

It’s still amazing to wake up every morning and see the Swiss Alps in the distance.

An authentic Italian Easter dinner was an obvious choice, so we headed to the Spaghetti Store to dine near the lake.


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