February Prop Haul

March 4, 2017

Welcome to a new series featuring my monthly prop hauls and finds. My friends often ask me what I’m buying, and where to find the best props, so this is my opportunity to share a shopping list with everyone!

In February I styled an elaborate faux tiered cake, a picnic on the beach, a tea party & more, and I’m sharing my top finds here. I did a lot of shopping at TJMaxx this month, and we all know how hard it is to locate product between stores, so I linked to some similar items here. It’s a little bit of a mish mash, but also a lot of fun – let me know what you like best!

Tea Party:
1. Gold Flatware
2.  White Tea Pot
I found a tea set at TJMaxx, but it took me more than an hour to scour the shelves and piece it together. Wish I would’ve ordered these pretty pieces instead!
3. Cups and Saucers
4. Macarons
This brand has a super long shelf-life and is reasonably priced – I can usually find them at TJMaxx and I hold onto them for months to use for different shoots

Picnic @ the beach
1. Marble Cutting Board
2. Wood Cutting Board
3. Massi Blanket
4. Handmade Tote

Faux Cake
1. Styrofoam Tier – 9″x4″ & 6″x4″
2. Decorating Set
3. Cake Stand
4. Icing Spatula


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