FAUX CONES – behind the scenes

April 2, 2016

I may be operating a multi-functional social media agency, but visual content will always be the core of my business. Styling & photography wasn’t something that I ever learned in school (I have a marketing degree from Virginia Tech). It wasn’t related to my first job (writer), or my second job (social media specialist) in the advertising industry, but it was something that I began practicing every day and showcasing on Instagram. I styled photography without even really knowing what I was doing, as a way to sell Etsy prints and to express my creativity. Every day I tried new things and saw improvements. And through my self-built portfolio, I was hired for a “creative strategist” role at a advertising/production agency that had me working on wardrobe and prop styling for major brands.

Working in the industry definitely gave me prop styling confidence, but as you all know, entrepreneurship has always been my dream.  Now that I am on my own, running the show with LISH creative, I am able to express my creative vision for my clients – which is amazing.

But with so much client work, it’s easy to lose sight of the extremely fun, crazy & creative ideas that drew me to styling in the first place. The faux cones series was created just for me – as a way to have fun and express myself in styling. I’m sharing the finished duo here along with behind the scenes tricks on “Cone Flower” which was definitely the trickiest, messiest, prettiest, and most rewarding of them all.

I cut and stuffed each flower into the cone and arranged from there. As you can see, it made quite a mess! They were so droopy, and floppy so it was important for me to prop them up and stack them to give it that full, bouquet feeling…

A large spool of ribbon did the trick for the flowers and washi tape + a contact lens case came to the rescue for the cone. Sometimes you need to go with whatever you can find!

Cotton Candy + Sprinkles were behind this concoction. I used the washi tape once again to prop the cone up, but the cotton candy was able to “float” on it’s own. I let it go stale for a few days so it would be slightly easier to mold and work with. It definitely helped!

Looking for more styling tips? I’m hosting an hour long webinar on “Styling Amazing photos for Social media” on April 19th with Heather Crabtree as part of the Savvy Masterclass Series! Click here to sign up: http://heathercrabtree.com/savvy-masterclasses/


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