DIY Balloon Seating Chart

April 16, 2019

For our partnership with Anagram Balloons, we wanted to come up with a super fun and whimsical way to let wedding guests know their table number! With their Ombré Orbz and a little spray paint, your wedding display could really “pop.” Scroll through for a photo tutorial 🙂

You will need:
– Anagram Ombré Orbz Balloons
– spray paint
– stencil
– tacky spray
– note cards

Step 1: Inflate the Anagram Ombré Orbz with air or helium if you would like a floating display

Step 2: Cut a stencil for each number. We used a Cricut machine to expedite this process, but scissors or an x-acto knife would also work fine.

Step 3: Use sticky tack spray to attach the stencil to the balloon – not necessary but helpful!

Step 4: Apply a light coat of spray paint and let dry. You may need to add another coat or two depending on the paint you used

Step 5: Remove stencil to reveal each number

Step 6: Add a notecard with guest’s names to signify who is sitting where

Step 7: Enjoy the party!


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