7 places to find photo backgrounds

August 27, 2019

One of the most common question that I hear is “where can I find backgrounds??”

I’m going to break down some of my favorite sources for you here!

1. Savage Seamless Paper

These are my favorite! The small size fits perfectly on a table top and the other sizes are great to have on hand for model shoots. You can find these at B&H Photo, but I would recommend ordering a chip chart first because it’s really hard to gauge true color online

2. Erickson Surfaces

These boards are heavy and a bit pricy, but they look amazing and hold up great. I would suggest ordering one or two neutral ones to have on hand. For me, blush is the neutral that I just ordered! They’re all custom made in Orange County and are actually two-sided so it’s nice to be able to pick two finishes

3. Contact Paper Online

You can find dozens of different contact paper designs on Amazon or at a hardware store. I usually stick it to a piece of foam board or wood and if it’s glossy, I will spray it with matte spray to avoid glare. Marble is always a winner, but I’ve also used sticky backsplash tiles and they are great for achieving a bathroom look – you would never know that they are peel and stick.

4. Wrapping Paper Online

I love using wrapping paper as a backdrop! It’s usually a lot thinner than the seamless rolls, but is perfect if you’re looking for a pattern/design. I also suggest matte spraying if it has a glossy finish. Check out Revel & Co for some of my favorite cute patterns and watercolor designs!

5. Paint Your Own from a Hardware Store

If I need a custom color, I will head to home depot, grab a 3’x3′ piece of plywood, and have them make a sample size paint! It’s under $10 and will hold up pretty well!

6. Fabric Store

The only downside of fabric is wrinkles – but if you get something thicker and less likely to wrinkle, it’s a sure bet!

7. IKEA Tabletops

I love having a few IKEA tabletops on hand for basic white and wood grain, and they wipe clean which is an added bonus!


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