2020 Gift Guide for Color Lovers

November 7, 2020

2020 gifts for people who love color

I know it’s going to come as a shock, but I love color. There’s just something about vibrant pinks and blues and yellows and greens that I adore. I’m super grateful to be able to work with brands that share the same love of color that I do.

Do you have a friend, family member, or work partner-in-crime who loves color like me? Then I have some great holiday gift ideas for color lovers to share with you!

1. Favorite (Pink) Things Tee


Sure, the Plastics made it cool to wear pink on Wednesdays. But I say every day is a great day to wear pink! This fabulous pink tee from Color Factory celebrates some of the best pink things in the world.

2. Rainbow Washi Tape


Whether you love bringing color to your notebook, planners, bins, or gift boxes, rainbow washi tape is where it’s at! You can select 16 and 32ft, giving you (or your loved one) plenty of tape to play with.

3. Blush Frosted Glass Vase


I love the retro vibes of Afloral’s pink frosted glass vase with a cool bubble shape! It’s so retro it somehow…looks modern again? At 14” tall it’s perfect for holding your favorite flowers on a table or shelf. Or using as a prop in your next photoshoot!

4. “Be Bright” Rainbow Necklace


Who doesn’t love a good rainbow accessory? This gorgeous bar necklace has cubic zirconia stones in every color of the rainbow and it’s 24K gold-dipped, for those with sensitivities to other metals. 

5. Rainbow Playing Cards


Bring the color to your color-lovin’ friend’s next game night with these rainbow playing cards

6. Miss Patisserie Rainbow Bath Dust


Treat yourself to a luxurious and colorful bath with rainbow bath dust from Anthropologie! It not only looks pretty, it has a sweet coconut scent, too. I’m totally adding this to my self-care routine. 

7. Original Push-Pop Confetti


Thimblepress’s push-pop confetti is a great prop for photos, videos, and stop-motion animation! There’s no fire power in this confetti machine; you give it a good smack to make the hand-mixed confetti burst from the container. Super cute and reusable, too!

8. Colorstrology Book


We already knew that our favorite colors say a lot about us, but what about our birthday colors? This book is a fun gift for anyone who loves astrology and personality types (and, of course, color).

9. Spectrum Wall Planner


Never forget another task with this huge poster-sized wall planner from Poketo! Each month is designed in a beautiful color, and it’s open-dated so you can use it at any time. I like a gift that doubles as decor and functional item, and this planner is definitely both!

10. Rainbow Bookends


Aren’t these rainbow bookends from Etsy fantastic? If your office or home decor is Southwest-inspired or bohemian chic, they would look perfect sitting on your bookshelves. They’d look great in a new baby nursery or kids’ room, too. 

11. Warm Pink Stagg EKG Electric Kettle


Fellow’s pink electric kettle is EVERYTHING. The cool minimalist design, the maple wood accents, the stylish base. Great for boiling water for your next cup of tea, or brewing pour-over coffee!

12. Colorful Backgammon Set


Keep the game night going with this adorable backgammon set. Who said games can’t look as fun as they are to play??

13. “Live a Colorful Life” Sign


Wanna splurge on a colorful gift for your loved one? This “live a colorful life” neon sign from Brite Lite is the ultimate gift for color lovers! 

14. Pink and Blush African Baskets

$84 CAD

The design. The natural sisal texture. The colors! These 12” African baskets from Baba Souk, an online boutique based in Canada, are handmade in Rwanda through a collaboration with a local brand, Kazi. Kazi empowers African artisans to be their own bosses and create sustainable businesses! Beautiful and supports small business owners? That’s a win-win.

15. Rainbow Ballpoint Pen


Sometimes, it’s the little things that can bring us so much joy. Like swapping a plain old pen for The Crafted Life’s rainbow ballpoint pen. Just gorgeous.

Want some more gift ideas?

I hope this helped you out with your holiday shopping this year. If you want to keep shopping, check out my other gift guides for dog lovers, creative entrepreneurs, and dessert lovers!


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