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On Friday, I was a guest at Capitol Records’ first ever Insta-meet! Hosted by @andrewkuttler and@skyzzle, it was a fun night full of new friends, pretty palms, sunset views, and even musical guests! Read on for all of the details and photos: 

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FAUX CONES – behind the scenes

I may be operating a multi-functional social media agency, but visual content will always be the core of my business. Styling & photography wasn’t something that I ever learned in school (I have a marketing degree from Virginia Tech). It wasn’t related to my first job (writer), or my second job (social media specialist) in the advertising industry, but it was something that I began practicing every day and showcasing on Instagram. I styled photography without even really knowing what I was doing, as a way to sell Etsy prints and to express my creativity. Every day I tried new…

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