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Drink Umbrella Backdrop DIY

If you’ve seen any images from the #LABrunchParty, there’s a good chance you caught a peek of my rainbow drink umbrella photo backdrop. And now, I’m giving you all the details on how to make one for yourself! Whether you’re looking to add a quick pop of color to a brunch party, cocktail party, birthday party, or even a rad wedding, this umbrella backdrop is sure to step in and steal the show! The best part? It is completely versatile and can be reimagined for any and every different event by swapping out colors and switching up patterns! I can already picture a pure pink umbrella wall for a sweet little girl’s baby shower, or a wall of beachy blues for a nautical-themed soirée!


2 – 20×30″ 1/13″ Foam boards (this is the standard size that can be purchased from most craft stores, but feel free to go bigger and adjust measurements/quantities accordingly)
Pack of 100+ – Multi-colored drink umbrellas
1 – Ruler
1 – Pencil  

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I have always wanted to meet the creatives that I regularly interact with on Instagram. The app has become such an incredible tool to connect with like-minded professionals, so it seemed only natural to extend those connections in real life – to convert these “online friends” into real life friends! A few months back, I was browsing Adriana’s (@pineapplesandcoffeecups) feed and noticed an invitation. She was hosting an open ice cream meetup in Los Angeles. I wasn’t going to be in town for the event, but was determined to plan a similar party! I immediately reached out to Natasha (@violettinder), who I had been texting about our palette party collaboration, to see if she would be interested in co-hosting. She was IN and the meetup was a go! 

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Paint Splatter Pumpkins DIY

I love big bursts of color – especially when those bursts are the result of some simple paint dripping and splattering. And when it comes to pumpkins, I’ve gone the carved, and the intricately painted route in past years, but both methods seemed a little daunting with my schedule as of late! So why not just splatter paint some fall decor?! Materials: Mini Pumpkins White Base Coat – I prefer Kilz Acrylic Craft Paint – colors of your choosing Large paint brush – for base coat Small paint brush – for splattering Drop Cloth or Scrap Paper Step One: BASE Since…

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Mattress Factory Pittsburgh

Like Randyland, the Mattress Factory is also home to many marvels and curiosities. Showcasing many permanent and temporary art Installations, the Mattress Factory is a Pittsburgh must-see for contemporary art-lovers. And for those of you lucky enough to witness Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room Installation at the David Zwirner Gallery in NYC or her newest Infinity Mirrored Room Installation at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles – you know how awesome it is that the Mattress Factory has had 2 of her installations on display since 1996! See my mirrored selfies below for proof of the awesomeness.

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