Are you wondering why “everyone else’s” social media feed looks amazing, but every time you snap a picture it looks… not so amazing?

Do you want to learn how to shoot better photos or videos for your brand, so that you can attract more clients, customers, or blog views?

Are you excited about what’s possible when you have eye-catching content to share your message, your products, or your offers? 

Then this training is for you!

Learn 8 Ways to Uplevel Your Photo & Video Skills


This ready-to-watch training will cover 8 simple ways to take better photos and videos for your business or blog, from the equipment you need and how to setup a shoot, to planning shoots and improving your skills over time.

You’ll also be learning from me, Alisha Cohen, the founder and creative director of LISH Creative. We are a full-service photography & videography production company that works with big brands like Nickelodeon, Bath & Body Works, Dunkin’, Canon, and more!

I’ve been right where you are, fumbling my way around a camera and editing software, wondering what in the world I was doing. 

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Sign up for this free training and you’ll learn:

🌈  The skills and equipment needed to create better content

🌈  How to setup the perfect space to shoot in your home or business

🌈  Ways to gradually level up your skills and the quality of your work

🌈  The benefits of planning shoots in advance

🌈  … and more

Ready to create better videos and photos

— without a degree in photography or videography?

Create videos & photos that look just like they did in your head

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to create professional-looking photos and videos, this is your chance!

When you sign up for this training, you’ll find out what skills and basic gear you’ll need to get started. I’ll show you how to set up a spot to start shooting, what skills you can expect to use now, and what you’ll want to build up to. I’ll also even show you how to plan shoots so you know when and how to create content that will keep your business moving.

There is good news: you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment, high-level technical skills, or years of experience right off the bat. You can start with the basics — and start creating confidently!




"As a wedding photog trying to transition to shooting content for local businesses, everything has been extremely helpful. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know about commercial photog and I’ve been a full-time photog for 6 years"!

Madison S

“What I loved is that Alisha got right down to business and there wasn’t a minute wasted on “fluff”.  I just like to get past all that stuff and actually learn, and Alisha did that so well!”

Gina J.

"I thought the class was really well put together - a good balance of experience, thoughtful education and examples. I appreciate Alisha’s to the point approach without the unnecessary fluff in-between."

Sahily P.

Who is this training for?

Save your spot for this free training if… 

… you want quick tips to help you film better photos and videos

… you’re tired of spending hours editing photos or videos to make them look passable

… you want to learn from someone else’s experience 

… you’re not sure what you need to start creating more photos or videos for your brand

… you’re super creative but need a little extra help with the actual execution

… you want to improve your business or blog with video and photo content

… you’re hoping to monetize and uplevel your photography and styling skills

… you can spend about 1 hour watching this free training in the next couple days