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This is your chance to “pick my brain” about anything that you’ve been struggling with. I’ve spent 6 years growing a business and working with some of the world’s leading brands, but it wasn’t always easy to get answers along the way!

Some of my areas of expertise include:
  • Camera Icon


  • Stop Motion Icon

    Stop Motion

  • Instagram Icon

    Social Media

  • Makeup

    Influencer Work

  • Computer

    Brand Partnershps

  • Notebook

    Content Strategy

Some questions
you may have


• When to leave my full-time job?
• What steps do I need to take to start a biz?
• Do you have advice for contracts?
• What do you use for project management?
• How do you stay financially organized?
• What’s your best branding advice?
• What are brand guidelines?
• Where can I find fonts and graphic?
• How can I create a website?
• What’s the best way to pitch myself?
• How do I figure out my pricing?
• How do I go about hiring team members?


• What gear do I need?
• Can you give me a camera tutorial?
• Where do you find your photo backdrops?
• How do you plan a shoot?
• How do you manage prop sourcing?
• Where do you find talent for photoshoots?
• Where do I find locations for photoshoots?
• What type of lighting setup should I use?
• How can I become a better stylist?
• How can I take better photos on my phone?
• How do I manage client feedback?
• How do I price stop-motions?


• How should I be using social media?
• What should I post on social media?
• How can Improve my IG following?
• How do I hire social media help?
• What channels should I focus on?
• Should I be using Pinterest?
• How do I become an influencer?
• How can I negotiate with brands?
• How do I hire influencers for my biz?
• How do I pitch influencers for my brand?
• How do I vet influencers?
• How do I find the right influencers?