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School Of Hustle Recap

When Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett announced that she and Instagram were hosting a one day conference at her apron HQ, I was all in! I applied, was accepted a week later, and headed to DTLA for the day to hear from some of my favorite entrepreneurs. Not only were the speakers wonderful, but the event setup was also incredible! With fun murals & installations around every corner, it really was an Instagram dream. Richer Poorer even brought a ball pit! The food was equally divine. Lunch was by TenderGreens, and for dinner, there were multliple LA area food trucks to serve up their favorites. Oh and did I mention that the entire event was free? Big thanks to Ellen & Instagram for Business for pulling together such a wonderful and inspiring event! 

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Summer Prop Haul!

Summer photos are all about sunshine and color and these were some of the props that I picked up to bring my colorful ideas to life! 1. Pineapple Pool Float  – such a cute and reasonably priced float! 2. Fruity drink floats – I love seeing these float across a pretty pool 3. Flamingo pool float – a cheaper alternative to larger flamingo floats 4. Pool float lounger – a summer basic that’s also available in pink! 5. Silly straws – I love filling pretty drinks with these! 6. Faux tropical leaves – I used these for a fun stop motion 7.Furry flip…

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Updated Gear Reveal!

In March, I wrote a post about all of my photography gear and it was one of my most popular ever! In the last few months, I’ve started vlogging and have picked up a new lens that I LOVE, so I thought I would give you the updated gear haul (PLUS a video!) here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or on my Instagram. Look through & be sure to catch the video at the end. I talk more in depth about my favorite tools! Tools that I use most often: 1. Canon…

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