March 6, 2017

Everyone has been asking for it, so here it is, the big list of all of my photography gear!

Before we dive in, some backstory. You can read a little about how I learned about photography & gear, or you can skip ahead to the good stuff.

When I started working for my business full-time, I had just left my job in the advertising industry. I was a creative strategist and a stylist at an agency working on big brand video shoots and also had the luxury of being surrounded by uber-expensive equipment and people who knew how to operate that equipment extremely well. In that world, I was so focused on my styling responsibilities, that I never paid enough attention to the lighting set up or camera settings. But even if I did take note of all of the gear, there is no way that I could afford to equip my studio with it at the start.

So when I started off on my own, I had a lot of learning to do. To take my photography & lightroom skills past basic level, I took Sugar & Cloth’s Cool Photo School and it completely changed the game for me. They have a great gear breakdown included in that, but I wanted to expand on their list to show you what I started with and what I have now:

GOOD: Canon EOS Rebel T6
I started with this camera and just recently upgraded. Although it is not full frame, you can definitely make it work for you with an upgraded lens.
BEST: Canon 5D Mark III
The camera I currently use and LOVE!

GOOD: f/1.8
I currently own this one, but don’t use it as much as the 35mm
BETTER: f/1.4
BEST: f/1.2

GOOD: f/2
The lens I currently use 90% of the time! I used it on my Rebel and now with the Mark III.
BEST: f/1.4

Vanguard Alta Pro
I love this tripod! It is so sturdy and has a lateral arm for flatlays. Best to use in lower light and when making stop motion GIFs!

Good: Neewer 700w softboxes
I started with this set and upgraded when I needed more power for wider shots.
Better: Fovitec Studio Pro 4200w Softboxes
I currently use these and they are super powerful! You can use them in complete darkness if you need to.

Background Stand:
LimoStudios 10ftx12ft Heavy Duty Stand
I currently have a cheaper one from B&H and am planning to upgrade to this one soon

Savage Paper
These rolls are available in every color of the rainbow and in three sizes! I highly recommend buying the chip chart so that you can get a better sense of what these colors will look like – it’s really hard to gauge from online photos!
PVC Plastic
This is small, but so helpful when styling with ice cream or other messes because it wipes clean!
Marble Contact Paper
If you’re not up for buying the real stuff, this is a great alternative!

Tether Cord:
TetherTools TetherPro
One of the best things I learned in Sugar & Cloth’s class – how to tether! This model is compatible with the Canon 5D Mark III

Camera Strap:
Joby UltraFit
I love that this is a cross body option! Awesome for traveling!

Remote Shutter:
Fototech Wireless Remote
Necessary for stop-motion GIFs! I’m sure the branded Canon version would work best but this has been fine for me so far.

Studio Cart:
Norwood Utility Cart
I love setting my laptop on this rolling cart while tethering in studio, I also keep current props and products on here.

Memory Cards:
Lexar Professional 64BG
I prefer 64GB so I can fit more RAW files on them.

Camera Bag
Hermitshell Travel Case
I have a larger, bulkier case now and am literally about to add this to my cart! Perfect for traveling!