Want to pursue product or commercial photography...

but have no idea where to start?

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When you join, you’ll get immediate access to my recorded training, where you’ll learn all about launching your own commercial photography biz, with me as your guide!

Are you wondering how to transition into product photography and styling?

Do you want to learn more about what it
takes to become a photographer and stylist?


How to Break into Product Photography is for you!

This immediate-access training is a straightforward, accessible resource that covers everything you need to know about starting your own product photography business, from creative and business skills you’ll need, attracting clients, increasing your earning potential, and much more.

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Take those next steps toward your dream career with this free training!


Unlock access now and learn:

- Why product photography is the place to be
- How to get clients (even if you’re a total newbie)
- Must-have skills you’ll need, both creative and biz-related
- Must-have gear to get you off the ground
- Resources to help you get more comfortable with product photography
- How I launched my career with nothing but an iPhone and a dream
- Earning potential (using my real numbers!) and 5 actionable ways to increase it

"As a wedding photog trying to transition to shooting content for local businesses, everything has been extremely helpful. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know about commercial photog and I’ve been a full-time photog for 6 years!"

Madison S

Ready to get started in product photography — with a clear plan?

Put your creativity and passion for photography to work!


If you’ve always wanted to learn more about being a professional product photographer, then this training is for you!

When you sign up, you’ll find out what skills and basic gear you’ll need to get started in the industry. I’ll show you how to get your first clients, create a portfolio, and boost your earning potential right now — so you can get to work ASAP! You’ll also see how I went from working a 9-to-5 job at an ad agency to making 6+ figures with my own business.

There is good news: you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment, high-level technical skills, or years of experience right off the bat. You can launch your photography business as a complete newbie.

And I’m here to help you do it!


Who is this Break into Product Photography training for?

Get in on this free training if…

… you’re curious about commercial / product photography and are thinking of making it your career
… you want to learn from someone else’s experience breaking into the industry (that’s me!)
… you’re not sure if you want to be a photographer, photo stylist, or both
… you’re super creative but need a little extra help understanding what goes into running a biz
… you want to increase your earning potential by breaking into commercial photography
… you’re looking for ways to monetize and uplevel your photography and styling skills
… you can spare 40 minutes to watch the webinar

"What I loved is that Alisha got right down to business and there isn’t a minute wasted on fluff. I like to get past all that stuff and actually learn and Alisha did that so well."

Gina J