Why Photographers NEED Contracts (and What to Put in Them)

We all love scary stories, right? Here’s one for you. Once, long ago, I made my own contract. I basically took bits of contracts from other free sources online and stitched them together.  As you might’ve guessed, it didn’t work…

Why I Hired a Professional Organizer

Lots of people have been raving about Netflix’s show Get Organized With The Home Edit, and y’all…I watched it and I fell in LOVE.  I immediately wanted to organize my workspace to make it just as beautiful, colorful, and rainbow-y…

The Most Common Questions About Photographer Contracts

As a photographer, you do a lot more than just snap pretty pics. You run a business! One of the most important elements of running your photography business is… drum roll please… contracts. I know, I know! It might make…

Make a Tropical Floral Background in 3 Simple Steps

Ever look at a gorgeous floral background in a photo and think, “I could never make that on my own.” Or, “That looks pricey… but it’s so pretty.” I have news for you: You can make your own tropical floral…


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