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Bermuda Photo Diary & FREE Wallpapers!

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Bermuda thanks to the Hamilton Princess Resort. My friend Amy Tangerine was also up for the adventure so we spent 3 nights staying in the “pink palace” and traveling around the island to find the colorful gems. Which, by the way, was not difficult because Bermuda was one of the most colorful destinations I have ever visited!

Click through to get straight to the photos & FREE mobile/desktop wallpapers, & read on to learn more about the trip and Bermuda’s history:

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Everyone has been asking for it, so here it is, the big list of all of my photography gear! 

Before we dive in, some backstory. You can read a little about how I learned about photography & gear, or you can skip ahead to the good stuff.

When I started working for my business full-time, I had just left my job in the advertising industry. I was a creative strategist and a stylist at an agency working on big brand video shoots and also had the luxury of being surrounded by uber-expensive equipment and people who knew how to operate that equipment extremely well. In that world, I was so focused on my styling responsibilities, that I never paid enough attention to the lighting set up or camera settings. But even if I did take note of all of the gear, there is no way that I could afford to equip my studio with it at the start. 

So when I started off on my own, I had a lot of learning to do. To take my photography & lightroom skills past basic level, I took Sugar & Cloth’s Cool Photo School and it completely changed the game for me. They have a great gear breakdown included in that, but I wanted to expand on their list to show you what I started with and what I have now


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February Prop Haul

Welcome to a new series featuring my monthly prop hauls and finds. My friends often ask me what I’m buying, and where to find the best props, so this is my opportunity to share a shopping list with everyone! 

In February I styled an elaborate faux tiered cake, a picnic on the beach, a tea party & more, and I’m sharing my top finds here. I did a lot of shopping at TJMaxx this month, and we all know how hard it is to locate product between stores, so I linked to some similar items here. It’s a little bit of a mish mash, but also a lot of fun – let me know what you like best! 

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