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Impact of Social Media – Paige Poppe

Thank you so much for following the Impact of Social Media Series! I am happy to wrap it up by introducing you to an incredible artist, podcast host & Snapchat QUEEN – Paige Poppe! Paige and I met through Instagram, and after interacting over the past year, we actually met IRL at the Phoenix airport last month! How exciting is that?! There’s nothing quite like chatting social media, entrepreneurship, and post grad life over a gluten free pizza…mmmmm. Read on to learn why Paige views social media as a deeper story & to hear how one innocent post inspired a new product offering…!

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Impact of Social Media – Jeff Mindell

Next up in the series is Jeff Mindell, a freelance lifestyle photographer living in Los Angeles who has burst into the spotlight (MashableBuzzFeed, Apartment Therapy…!) thanks to social media. I’ve been a huge fan of Jeff’s bright, and beautiful imagery for a while now, so when I watched him chat about Instagram during his latest Snapchat Q&A (username: jeffmindell), I knew I had to reach out to him for this series! Read on to discover how he’s leveraging social media to work with big brands, and to find out which social platform is now completely irrelevant for him. 

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Impact of Social Media – Amy Chen

NEXT UP is Amy Chen (@amyventures) of Amy Chen Design. Amy is a freelance graphic designer, photographer & prop stylist. She is also a fellow color-lover, and an Instagram suggested user….aka she’s the real deal! Oh and if you’ve ever seen or used the hashtag #colorventures, you can thank Amy for that too. This NJ native definitely knows a thing or two about building community and leveraging social media…read on to hear her awesome advice. Spoiler alert: numbers don’t mean a thing:

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Impact of Social Media – Jaclyn Carlson of Blog Society

As many of you know, social media literally changed the face of my career. Not only did my Instagram and my online presence positively impact my full-time job search after college, but it also completely fueled my efforts to take my freelance social media & content creation services full-time. Social media enabled LISH creative. 

I know that I am not the only one out there whose life, career, and business has been positively impacted by social media. So for my new series, I’m creating a space for these social media success stories to be shared. 

First up is Jaclyn Carlson, the Founder and CEO of Blog Society. I was introduced to Jaclyn via social media (…of course!) and was blown away by the incredible community that she has been able to create- first in Australia and now worldwide! Read on to learn how Social Media has impacted Jaclyn and Blog Society:

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