Why invest in beautiful brand centric imagery without a sound strategy to put it into action?  Luckily, we have you covered:


Creative Strategy

mqgic wand.png
  • Give your internal team a fresh new perspective 
  • Ideal for brands looking for creative direction on shoots, campaigns and initiatives that will be executed internally
  • Perfect for internal teams and agencies looking for guidance on how to best maximize their content 
  • LISH creative can advise remotely or travel to be on site 
  • Contact us to learn more & schedule

Social MEDIA Strategy

  • A comprehensive guide for your brand on social media
  • Best practices & actionable strategies to stand out in a crowded space.
  • Packages include a brand discovery session & questionnaire, and a 50+ page guide for implementation
  • Contact us to learn more & schedule

inFLUENCER Strategy

  • In addition to expanding your brand's reach with the LISH creative community (@alishylishy on Instagram), we also work to identify and facilitate relationships with other noteable social media influencers. 
  • Targeting strategy, pitch writing and campaign development to expand your brand's reach with influencer maketing
  • Pricing varies based on project & scope, contact us for a custom quote

*Have a special project that doesn't fit these needs? Consulting is also available at an hourly rate.