Introducing LISH creative VLOGS!

Although we still LOVE creating photos and stop motion animations, we are now expanding into video blogs! Yay! Video has a way of capturing experiences in a way that photos can't. We're so excited to document our travels, colorful adventures, and behind the scenes content in this way. It will allow us to show YOU what it's really like to go on a photoshoot or to a explore a new place or event. 

After going to Bermuda with Amy Tangerine, and watching her document the adventure for her YouTube channel, I was inspired to expand my content beyond just what lives on Instagram. 

She recommended a camera, and I just started shooting! I'm still perfecting my style and technique, so be gentle, but I'm excited to explore this new outlet more and more. 

Here's a sneak peek at the official intro, the first video is revealed this week!