10 Insta-Worthy Props with Amazon Prime Shipping

Shop, style and snap! I love sourcing props on Amazon for my clients and these are some of my favorite finds. This is not sponsored, I just love their wide selection and speedy shipping! Read on for full details and examples of how I've styled some of these items:

Retro Phone Headset - Remember those phones hanging at R29 rooms? YEP, you can buy those on Amazon, in dozens of colors! Now go crazy! 
Happy plugs headphones - These cute little headphones are available in so many colors, for so many different brand color palettes. They even have metallic gold and silver! 
Rose gold ice cream scoop - This is my new favorite. It's so perfect for melted ice cream flat lays. 
Flutter Confetti Wand - Wave it and receive a rainbow shower of paper joy!
Apple Keyboard - Perfect for modern office flat lays, and refurbished to cut down on costs.
Gold Flatware Set - This set is so versatile and perfect for all types of food styling
Retro Alarm Clock - So cute and available in 9 different brand colors!
Rainbow Drink umbrellas - Perfect for tropical drinks, backdrops and flatlays
Pink PVC Background - This small plastic surface is easy to clean when styling messy foods
Rose Gold & Yellow Gold Scissors - ...but now the question is, which one do I need more?

And here's how I've used some of these in my photos - 

  Pink PVC Background  in action
  Retro Alarm Clock   + other finds including  Silk Sleep Mask

Retro Alarm Clock  + other finds including Silk Sleep Mask

  Happy plugs headphones  in GOLD when styling for Revel & Co

Happy plugs headphones in GOLD when styling for Revel & Co