Introducing Video Content

When I first launched LISH creative, Instagram and other social media platforms were all about high-impact imagery. And now, as our digital and social landscape changes, video is the new darling, with Instagram allowing up to 60 seconds and Facebook Live helping to jumpstart relevance and growth.

So in an effort to leverage these new opportunities, I am now producing and offering stop motion and boomerang videos for my clients!

The best part? My clients and I are already seeing major results from the inclusion of video into our social media editorial calendars, with nearly double the engagement and growth rates on these posts. Instagram is favoring boomerang-made works especially.

 Take my confetti-popper boomerang, for example. It was posted on a Friday night – not traditionally a very popular time – yet still managed to garner upwards of 8,000 views.

Sarris Candies also saw a jump when we posted a stop-motion banana split. The post had the highest engagment rate of the month! 


Looking to add video content to your website or social media channels? Reach out – I’d love to create something colorful together!