My Favorite Podcasts for Fun & Biz

Last summer's cross country road trip turned me into a total podcast fanatic. I can only listen to music for so long before I'm craving something more, and podcasts were the perfect free solution. And now, they're my go to playlist for workouts and flights. Since there are thousands to choose from, I'm sharing my personal favorites for fun and for biz! 


For Fun:
Hosted by Sara Koening and produced by the This American Life team (see #2!), Serial is a strangely addicting series told week by week. There are interviews, case files, first hand accounts, and so many details to unravel with each episode that it feels like you just *have* to listen to the next one. 
This American Life
As the most popular podcast in the country, This American Life, is a great take on American journalism and the stories in our world. Each week follows a new topic so it is easy to tune in when something catches your eye. "How to win friends and influence people" was one of my most recent favorite episodes. 
Call Your Girlfriend
There's nothing like a crazy fun and smart banter between two extremely successful business women and friends, and CYG's hosts Ann Friedman & Aminatou Sow bring exactly that! Ann is a freelance writer and contributor for NY Mag, LA Weekly, and Elle, among others, and Aminatou was named a Forbes 30 under 30 in Tech and now leads all politics and social impact marketing for Google's brand team...ummm wow! They're two long distance besties and lady bosses covering feminism, current events, pop culture, the workplace, and more. 

For Biz
Magic Lessons
So many people know Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic, and this is the podcast that makes it come to life! Elizabeth chats with real people about navigating and capturing their creativity. If nothing else, listen to her final episode with Brene Brown - it is a life changing message for creative entrepreneurs! 
Space to Face
When I found out that two of my favorite online friends were starting a podcast together, I was thrilled! Paige Poppe and Asia Croson are young, bright, and ambitious entrepreneurs who I can relate to on so many levels. They share how to bridge the gap between your online (space) and offline (face) presence with such wisdom, heart, and humor. They even mentioned my Snapchat in a recent fan girl moment over here! 
Being Boss
This podcast has such a following because it covers so many relevant topics for creative entrepreneurs! I love being able to pick and choose the ubjects that interest me most, and their Facebook group is a great place to connect with like-minded business owners.